Gardener, dreamer
You are not yet a master & you work with the sun
Planning in time & nurturing this earth

We watch you, all who live here
We see your back bend & your brow glisten & we are thankful

Thankful that you water & wait & prune & grow
This landscape as none other would

You, gardener, are love & light



They are the keepers of the lake, the watchful pair
You can find him on the water, eyes closed, heart open
You can find her on the land, arms as welcoming as the shoreline
Waiting for small boats like mine




Make my life smaller.
Remove the things & leave me bare, holding only the breath of my body & the kindness of my soul.
Give me only what I need.

Let me walk the aisles of my garden & give notice to life, to connectedness in all things.

Here I will gather what I need & nothing more.
Here I will acknowledge the beauty of the earth & the strength of my body.
Here I join the chorus.